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Whether you are a general contractor, sub-contractor, or a specialty trade contractor, there are some serious risks you deal with on a daily basis. Whether you fulfill your contract by the deadline really depends on employees, tools, and sometimes even the weather.

If you don’t have the right insurance, even the smallest setbacks can keep you from getting the project done on time. Edward DeMars & Associates is here to help you keep your construction projects running smoothly even when things don’t go according to plan.

Individualized Coverage for Your Project

Every contractor knows that no two projects are the same. They may be similar, but there can be some very different risks for employees and machinery. This is why the professionals at Edward DeMars go above and beyond to understand the type and amount of coverage you will need for your specific project.

Serving Fort Worth, TX with Top Quality Coverage

We understand that all you are looking for is insurance that can help you keep moving forward even when accidents happen. Our team is dedicated to finding the best insurance available at competitive rates that you can afford.

Based on your individual needs, our team offers you more than enough policy options that you can choose from to protect your business. Here are some of the options we can offer you:

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